Crema Marfil is a beige limestone from Spain. Also known as Crema Marfilsa, Crema Morvil, Crema de Ivoire. Its available in slabs, tiles, and per-fabricated counter tops for commercial and hotel projects. Marble Crema Marfil mosaics, which can be used as kitchen backslash or shower wall are also available.

Crema Marfil Marble is perfectly suited to traditional interiors because of its classic appeal. Crema Marfil is also appropriate in a contemporary setting for its clean, neutral tone. Its chromatic wealth, excellent finish, unbeatable physical qualities and its resistance to impact, combined with a low coefficient of water absorption make it the preferred option among all architects and creators when choosing Ivory Cream. The surface of this Natural Stone allows for any type of finish.

Creamy colors of crema marfil marble tile will go with any bathroom or flooring design and will lighten up the entire project site let it be your house or commercial building. Marble tile crema marfil moldings and tumbled tiles that will complete the room that they are installed in.

Creama Marfil has hues of cream and a honey glow that makes it one of the most sought after stone materials in the world. It is not a monotone stone, but has beautiful soft, natural veining throughout the stone material. It is available in a honed, polished or antiqued finish.

High grade Crema Morvil is not easy to find today, and only a handful of quarries in Spain can produce select or high grade Crema Morvil marble.

Countertops and vanities are available and eliminate any waste. A large variety of edges, finishes and thicknesses from 1-3cm are available or completely customized and processed per your requirements. Vanities can be honed or polished with finished edges, sink and fixture-hole cut outs and backslashes.Contractors can order complete custom counter top systems ready to install with no other fabrication work necessary before installation. 

If you would like to inquire about this stone for your next project please fill out our STONE INQUIRY and REQUEST form.

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