Kitchen Flooring

Choosing your new kitchen flooring can be overwhelming if you do not focus your search. Consider asking yourself the questions you find below in order to narrow down your flooring possibilities.


  1. What kind of subfloor do I have at this time? Will what is there currently have an impact on the new type of flooring I need to choose? Are there any special considerations I need to think about? Will I need to have hazardous materials, like asbestos, removed?
  2. What type of floor do I like to walk on? What materials feel the best when I walk in bare feet?
  3. Do I currently have a step to go from one room to the other? Would I like to remove that step and level my floor when I have my new flooring installed?
  4. Am I interested in including a radiant heating system underneath my new flooring?
  5. What color do I like for my new flooring? Do I like something that is a solid color or do I like patterns? Do I like something that includes complementary colors or natural finishes?
  6. Do I have children or elderly family living in the house? Will I need to consider their safety with the new flooring?
  7. Will spills and stains be a concern? Do I need to consider what water damage may do to my new flooring?

The cost of installing the floor can be as much as the material. The harder options such as tile can be tiresome to stand on for too long. Softer, more absorbent materials include cork, carpet or vinyl. Resilient vinyl tiles have improved in quality and popularity.

Harwood flooring is another popular choice and the selection of wood species and colors is endless also.

When it comes to tile selection tile can even be cut-to-size for granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and even engineered quartz stone products.

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