Kitchen Countertops

Once upon a time Formica and Corian were the most common surfacing materials. Those days are over with the affordability of granite and new engineered man-made materials.

The new products are green, anti-microbial, non-porous, heat resisitant and stain resistant.


  1. As far as the feel of the countertops, do I prefer a textured or a smooth surface?
  2. Do I like the convenience that an integrated sink will add to my kitchen?
  3. When it comes to color, do I like a solid option or do I prefer patterns like veins of complementing color throughout?
  4. Is the material for the countertops a concern? Do I prefer material that is from a natural source or a man made type?
  5. Do I prefer to use a separate cutting board or do I want the option to chop foods directly on the countertop?
  6. Do I bake quite often and will need to roll dough on the countertops?
  7. Will I need to be able to place hot pots on the counters without fear of damage?
  8. Is staining an issue? Will I need to be concerned if certain liquids, like red wine, are spilled on the countertops?
  9. Will I be ok with a type of countertop that will need to be resealed on a regular basis?
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