TRUFIG - The Most Innovative Product In Interior Design

TRUFIG - the revolutionary flush-mounting platform and fascia system that seamlessly integrates everyday technology and devices - including light switches, data jacks, and speakers and gives it a consistent look across a multiple of products and manufacturers.

All wall intrusions have been translated into nearly invisible power outlets, switches, and control interfaces. TRUFIG custom installation kits are designed to integrate technology supplied by various manufacturers including Crestron and Lutron, to provide a consistent color, texture, and industial design to any wall or ceiling surface.

This, combined with a repeatable mounting process, allows the architects, designers, and their clients an aesthetically pleasing approach to integrating those can't live-without items into the architecture of residential and commercial buildings.

TRUFIG’s revolutionary flush-mounting solutions are designed for aesthetic-conscious architects, designers, and property owners in the residential and commercial markets. The uncompromising refinement TRUFIG provides has made TRUFIG a favorite in the professional Architecture, Design, and Construction communities.

TRUFIG's revolutonary design allows devices to be installed completely flush into the wall or ceiling, meaning no more shadow lines. In addition, to this TRUFIG can be painted, faux finished, wallpapered, or laminated to match nearly any surface, including drywall, stone, wood, or Venetian plaster. The outcome is consistency, color and camouflage.

TRUFIG has new flush-mount iPad Mount, and small, medium, large and universal Touch Panel Mounts, HVAC Registers, Returns, Diffusers.

TRUFIG has an impressive range of Light Switches, Keypads, Power Outlets, Data and TV Jacks, Decora fittings and Speakers tht can be installed flush and color-matched in drywall, venetian plaster, stone, wood or tile.

TRUFIG and the creative freedom it brings designers - represents the culmination of more than 25 years of ground breaking design innovation.

TRUFIG offers an uncompromising, and previously unattainable, level of aesthetic refinement and precision that showcase the simplicity and beauty of visionary interiors.

TRUFIG's philosophy relies on the principles of material authenticity, perfection in the smallest detail, and a systematic approach to design. From the selection of the materials, to the precise craftsmanship of each individual element, to the consistency of color and texture, everything we do revolves around an understanding of architecture, detail, and precision.

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