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The kitchen and bathroom are the most essential rooms in your home. You want these spaces to be comfortable and welcoming while reflecting your lifestyle and personality.

Creating a brand new kitchen isn't easy. Projects like these can be daunting...but it doesn't have to be an impossible dream, either.


If you're just getting started thinking about your kitchen renovation, it's immensely helpful to look at a lot of different types of kitchens and take some time to learn about the colors and materials you want to use. Go look at model kitchens at your local home improvement store, look at magazines that specialize in kitchen decor, and continue your online research. The more you see and learn, the closer you'll get to finding the right solution.

This is why the National Kitchen and Bath Association has created the NKBA Kitchen and Bath Workbook. This workbook will take you through every stage of creating that perfect space. Whether it's new construction or a remodeling project this workbook will help you turn your dream into a reality.

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