We Import Natural Stone From All Over The World

Natural stone and architecture have always been inseparably linked and this will always remain, because natural stone is the building material with allure.

Every architect knows the possibilities of stone. He is playing with it; a play of lines and surfaces, colors and shades, and he can use it for romantic or modern design.

Natural stone will never be pushed aside by mass products, which tend to lose their value and their fashion because they are volume production products. It is civilized and has an enormous tradition.

The Architectural Interiors Stone Division is a boutique Importer, Distributor, and Fabricator of granite, marble, travertine, creama marfil and limestone slabs,tile, cut-to-size, pavers, veneer stone and pre-fab. We specialize in supplying Hotels, Casinos, Sub-divisions and Multi-familty projects. We provide container pricing and discounts that will save 30%-50% on purchases.

With the Architectural Interiors'(AI) Stone Division program, buyers can purchase pallets of tiles and bundles of slabs directly from our statewide Stone Distribution Partners in the USA. We can supply large quantities of materials as and when you need them- or even a container in a matter of days. This is a perfect program for any cost-conscious AI customer: Architect, Designer, Importer, and Dealer, independent or not.

AI is the successful stone producing company that should be your choice for all types of stones for every facet of your project. AI's global partners provide all manner of natural stones ready-to-cut to your specifications...









AI serves the growing demand for international stone sourcing in the Unites States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and the Caribbean.

We serve customers in every facet of the stone contracting and construction phase, design, architecture to custom stone molders, fountains, window arches, and sills and custom mosaics from around the world with other AI partners. Design professionals are making great strides with new mosaic concepts and designs in the applications of opulent main areas, reception hotel areas, scenery concepts, commercial buildings and large residential walls, fresco designs for the more traditional clients, floors and wall decorative borders and trims, including logo medallions for entrance areas. Modern hotels are visualizing new contemporary ideas all the time with what's in vogue making a fashion statement.

Stone mosaic tiles transform walls into artistic masterpieces, adding a modern with nostalgia feel, with intricate patterns and lively textures. Mosaic tiles boldly impact many different spaces with sophistication. There are many kitchen backsplash ideas that can be incorporated with natural stone.

We can produce stone mosaics in any stone type, inter-blending creating a great dazzling collage of color and combination to your specifications, with no limits. Modern tile mosaics are made with about every stone in existence, colors that pop right out to meet the required standards, whether the application is for wet or dry areas.

With unmatched experience in the stone market, and connections throughout the industry, Architectural Interiors Stone Division Executive team is committed to providing the finest stone - and a unique procurement opportunity - to partners worldwide.

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