Sinks and Faucets

The following guidelines for sinks and faucets will make the selection easier.


Materials include stainless steal, which can withstand more abrasions, is hygenic and trendy. Fireclay and ceeramic are more traditional and offer solidity and a wide range of colors.


  1. Will I be using the sink for light duty like rinsing, or do I plan to actually wash dishes in it?
  2. Would I like to chop vegetables at the sink with a cutting board that fits across it?
  3. Would I like one or two sinks? Would I like two so that I can use one for washing dishes and another for prepping supplies?
  4. As far as convenience and ease of use, where will I want to have my sinks located?
  5. Will I need to consider the material used in my current countertops when I choose my new sink?
  6. Do I have a certain preference for how the sink is installed? Do I like sinks that fit under the counter, have their own rim or are integral installed?
  7. Do I like a certain color for my new sink or do I like stainless steel options?
  8. Which do I prefer most: one, two, or three bowls with my new sink?


A cost efficient option is the tthree-way or tri-flow taps which takes away the need for bottled water or other purification systems. New models offer dual-flow for hot and cold filtered water.


  1. Do I do a lot of cooking with large pots, and will I need a high-necked faucet to accommodate them?
  2. Am I interested in accessibility? Would I like a faucet located directly adjacent to the stove top?
  3. Will my new faucet need to be connected directly to the sink, attached to the wall, or connected to the countertop?
  4. Am I interested in having a water filtration unit included with my faucet?
  5. Will I need a sprayer nozzle included with the faucet?
  6. Do I have a certain style in mind? Do I like sharp or soft lines? As far as the handle, do I like a double control for the water temperatures or do I like something more like a lever?
  7. What type of finish do I like? Am I interested in a metallic style or am I looking for a certain color?

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