Residential Lighting

Residential lighting control is one of the most important things you can do for your home and your lifestyle. Lighting not only provides illumination, but can also be a key interior and exterior design element.

Lighting systems enable us to conserve energy, perform tasks safely, and create an emotional connection to the environment for our families and guests. Your HTSA dealer wants you to understand the benefits of whole-home automation and control with lighting systems, lighting design and use of natural light.

This powerful combination can dramatically enhance your living environment.

Lighting systems consist of three components:

  1. Light source (lamp-incandescent, flourescent, LED, halogen, etc.)
  2. Light fixture (recesses, pendants, sconces, chandeliers, surface mounted, under-cabinet, etc.)
  3. Control systems (dimmers, switches, timers, etc.) that transform spaces from only "on" or "off" to something that offers gradual lighting consistent with the human lifestyle.

Finding the right lighting to create a pleasing, yet functional, decor can be a little overwhelming. For example, how do you know what type of light bulb-incandescent, LED or quartz halogen is best suited to your needs?

How do you decide if you want ambient, accent, task or decorative. Let's start with some lighting definitions to help decide.

Some questions you may want to ask are:

Who will use the space and how will it be used?What is the size and shape of the room, and what exterior orientation does the room have?Is there an abundance of natural light available?

Everyone can benefit from lighting control and it can be done wired or wireless, allowing you to set the ideal lighting scene for any activity. Whether it be watching your favorite film, setting down to relax with a good book or preparing a meal, lighting control is the key to optimizing family time and activities in your home.

Lighting systems are capable of multiple strings of commands called macros or scenes. These scenes enhance the way you and your family live and insure greater enjoyment of all activities within the home.

Shades and Natural Light

Installation of quiet electronic driven (QED) shades or drapery provides the potential for homeowners to maintain a level while simultaneously reducing unwanted glare, heat gain and ultraviolet rays, which can discolor furniture, art, and other objects in the home. In addition to maximum light control, they can be programmed to follow the sun creating an effortless way to optimize your living environment.

One thing to keep in mind: The more varied and diverse your lighting fixtures and schemes, the more complex they are to run. Wherever you choose to implement light control, you can rest assured that the result will be far better than walking to the 10 wall switches by the front door and guessing which switch controls which light before you head off to retire for the evening!

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