A Guide To Designing Window Treatments

How do you make window treatments a beautiful expression of the way you live? How do you keep the temperature pleasant, the light soft, and the ambiance totally inviting?

How do you choose the product that is right for your home whether it's blinds, shades, drapes or shutters?

This is what you take into consideration when choosing what window treatments are right for your home...

Light Source

The orientation of the sun in relation to the room is important when selecting blinds and shades. First make sure you know which direction the windows face (i.e north, south, east, west).

North light tends to be cold and clear, suggesting energy-efficient window treatments.

Light from the south is warm and strong year-round, so you might choose light-diffusing window coverings to protect your furniture and carpets.

If your windows face east, bright, warm morning light calls for window coverings that block UV rays.

And if light comes from the west, hot bright afternoons demand solutions that are both light controlling and light diffusing.


Do you need full privacy from your neighbors or just a little screening from, say, the garage or a central air conditioning unit?

With motorized shades you can select the privacy you need.


Do you prefer a traditional or contemporary look? Relaxed or formal? Country warmth or urban sophistication?

You can create a window fashioned in every style imaginable.


What ever color, shade, tint or texture you want, you will find an endless amount of choices.

Window Shapes

Do anyone have an ordinary window? Window coverings are completely customizable. Don't worry if you have an arch, angle, circular, or Palladian.

Any size and shape window can have an attractive window treatment.

Always Within Reach

No matter where windows are located a remote control operating system gives you the power to reach your window coverings.

Energy Efficiency and UV Protection

Window coverings can keep fuel bills from soaring. Energy efficiency will be a by product of your window fashions.

Give to the environment when saving on your fuel bills.


Kids and pets near loose cords spell trouble. An operating system can be designed to make your home both safer and more beautiful.

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